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Tony Beatbutcher is a Belgian Live Beatmaker, Finger drummer, Turntablist and Maker of several electronic instruments who live in the Basque Country.


Creating Live Beats on the spot is what he likes the most

and that's why he assembled his own instrument, The Drumtable.


The Drumtable has 64 drum pads and a build-in Dj-Mixer together.

With the scratch-fader placed just beneath the drum pads and a turntable aside.

A combination from both worlds is now possible: Turntablism and Finger Drumming !


The music he makes on the Drumtable travels from Hip Hop minded Beatmaker stuff to Funk, Jazz, Fusion and Ethnic crossover.

The sets are flowing into each other like on a dj mixtape,

sometimes with extra instruments and

Vj Visuals simultaneously triggered by the Drumtable running in the background.


Tony worked as a Dj in Brazil between 2006 and 2009.

He started producing music and went to Sao Paulo where he entered the Motorola contest 'MotoMix',

(something in the line of Red Bull Music Academy)

and came chosen out of 2600 producers.

Ever since he performed in Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Rio De Janeiro.


Around 2009 he returned to Europe to continue Dj'ing and discovered Finger Drumming.

There he started experimenting with acoustic sounding drum-samples and other instrumental sounds.


December 2010 he hooked up with his partner in crime Dj Odilon and participated at the IDA Dj Championship and became World Champion in the Show Category!


Because of his work as an official product-specialist for the Ableton company,

he became one of the early birds that could lay his hands

on the company's MIDI-controller prototype

Push 1 and 2.

This gave him the advantage to know the instrument inside out, very fast.


Last remarkable projects he did was that he got invited to be the (finger)drummer of a 7 headed jazz-band.


Tony loves to make new and fresh things

and love to give the people what they want.

And that is:


Old school music from the year 3000!

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